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  • Hitachi Field Navigator  あなたの成長が、世界を変えていく力になる
  • Information & Telecommunication Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Rail Systems
  • Government & Public Corporation Information Systems
  • Industrial Infrastructure Systems
  • Urban Planning & Development Systems
  • Electronic Devices
  • Home Appliances
  • Automotive Systems
  • Healthcare

Information & Telecommunication Systems

Information technology (IT) is essential not only to corporate activity, but also to our daily lives. By supplying solutions and services supported by highly reliable high-performance IT platforms, we not only help boost the efficiency of corporate activity, but also contribute to enhancing the quality of the various services provided by corporate and social infrastructure.
We provide global support for the task of creating societies that are safe, secure, and comfortable.

Power Systems

A reliable supply of electric power supports our prosperous way of life. We develop the generation systems that deliver this power while achieving high efficiency to reduce the load on the environment. In addition to responding to globalization by strengthening our partnerships with overseas companies, we are also actively developing new energy systems that offer alternatives to thermal, hydro, and nuclear energy.

Rail Systems

We have an extensive track record as Japan's leading systems integrator for the railway industry. We are able to supply everything from Shinkansen and lightweight aluminum rolling stock to traffic management, signals, electrical conversion, and information management systems. We have also been active in overseas markets in recent years. Our job is to further enhance railways in their role as part of the social infrastructure.

Government & Public Corporation Information Systems

We supply a wide range of systems and solutions that support the operations of national and local government, schools, libraries, medical facilities, and other agencies so that local communities can enjoy a more comfortable and worry-free way of life. We also contribute to a society in many different ways including a participation in private finance initiatives and developing the systems equipment used by financial institutions.

Industrial Infrastructure Systems

We support a wide range of “monozukuri” manufacturing by drawing on the advanced technologies we have built up and system hardware with our extensive know-how. In addition to improving production efficiency, we are also actively involved in supplying systems and solutions that deliver environment benefits and help save energy.

Urban Planning & Development Systems

We provide total support for the development of safe, comfortable, and convenient cities in which people want to live, work, and travel. Our aim is to create urban spaces in which people can live enriched lives by supplying a variety of system technologies designed to meet the needs of our times, which include coping with the aging population, enhancing security, and improving energy efficiency.

Electronic Devices

Whether it be in the field of electronic products or medical services, the availability of electronic equipment and other systems that make these products and services possible is a key factor in the pursuit of higher quality and the achievement of further progress.
One example is the field emission electron microscope. Hitachi led the world by commercializing the field emission electron microscope in 1972. The high resolution provided by these instruments made them a platform for subsequent work in ultra-fine imaging. This success came to be seen as a ground-breaking innovation that contributed to progress in society and industry, leading to the device being recognized as an IEEE Milestone in January 2012. The IEEE Milestone has been described as the Nobel Prize of the electrical, electronics, information, and communications sector.

Home Appliances

We produce a wide range of electronics and appliances, including air conditioning systems for both commercial and domestic use, home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners, and other all-electric products such as LED and other forms of lighting and Hitachi's unique heat pump water heaters that can boil water instantly and operate on tap water pressure. These air conditioning systems and home appliances have a strong reputation internationally and Hitachi is working on further expanding its global business.

Automotive Systems

Hitachi draws on the strength in electronics it has established as a general manufacturer of electrical machinery to supply a diverse range of technologies and products in the environmental, safety, and information fields. In addition to its pursuit of innovation in recognition of the demand for electronics and electrical drive systems in the next generation of automotive equipment, Hitachi is also working on the development of integrated control for intelligent transport systems (ITSs).


As shown by the evolution of aging society, increased number of lifestyle related disease patients, and increased national medical expenses, environment surrounding medical and healthcare fields is dynamically changing. Considering healthcare as infrastructure essential to support society in the 21st century, Hitachi develops innovative technology and offers related systems, solutions, and services, with the aim of achieving a society where everyone lives healthy in safety and comfort.

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